Can we get someone in charge over here?

by Mom in the Arena

Today, I was back in the ARENA. I thought it would be less scary than my official (re)introduction to the Arena. Last week, I was on the (former) Competitor’s / New Alliance’s turf, today on was on my own turf.  Today, I told my people.

Due to Confidentiality Agreements, the last few months MY PEOPLE have been in the dark. My people who I only ask to never, ever lie to me, no matter how much they have “messed up” something, have been kept in the dark. This was hard for me.

They knew I was working on something important and would only agree to the terms if I believed that everything single person on our team would benefit from it. I am asking them to trust me with their security, their family, and their future. (Chest tightens as I write this…paging Dr. Google.)

So, now we all know. I was hoping to see faces that said, “Oh, great fearless leader, this sounds wonderful. We will follow you to the ends of the earth…” Instead, I saw confusion, fear, and, I swear, resume posting on

Change is hard. I am scared. They are scared. The day did not go like I imagined, but it is just one day. I believe in us, and I know deep down, they believe in me too.

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